- Search Tips -


The Basics

  • Use keywords vs phrases or sentences. See Tip #1 below for examples.
  • No need to enter car information in the search box (car make, model, year, etc.), just use the drop down menus.
  • Spelling does matter!
  • Letter case does not matter (uppercase vs lowercase).

Tip #1 - Use Keywords

Car In Order does best with keywords only. Ideally you enter only the exact name of the repair and select the correct result:

For example, you type in alternator and click search.

A BAD example would be to type in How much to repair my alternator?

Tip #2 - Less Can Be More

Car In Order search will be more inclusive if you include less in your search. A bit counter intuitive, but check out a couple of examples:

For example, you type in distrib because you don't remember the full spelling of "distributor". The results returned are:

Or say you don’t remember the full name of the repair, only that it has the word belt in it:

Tip #3 - Search By Category

Car In Order searches through repair names, repair name synonyms ("also known as"), and repair categories. Don’t know the exact name of a repair? Try searching by category:

For example, you type in brakes and click search:

Or you type in cooling and click search:

Tip #4 - Use Quotes

For very specific searches, use quotes around your search term(s).

For example, you type in wheel and click search:

But if you add quotes like,"wheel" and click search: