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- What does this website do?
Provide free cost estimations on a large number of automobile repairs for popular Toyota models.

For example, say your 2000 Corolla is leaking oil from the engine bay. You go to a mechanic, he says you need a new timing chain tensioner, and it will cost you $500. How can you quickly price check this?

Now all you need to do is search Car In Order to find this, to realize you need to get a second opinion.

- Why isn’t my car make, model, year, etc. searchable?
Car In Order is currently in Beta mode (see FAQ question below). We will be adding more makes and models as the Beta program progresses. We also want to see if enough people will use this website, so that we can generate enough web traffic to support our business. Please spread the word!

- How are these estimates made?
Car In Order uses new proprietary algorithms (our unique computer programs) and its own database to provide estimates for labor and part costs for a given repair.

- What kinds of repairs are NOT covered by this website?
  • Any type of auto body work or damage
  • Most electrical components, issues or diagnosis
  • Engine codes or code diagnosis
  • EVAP problems or diagnosis
  • Most exhaust components
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance plans or tune-ups (which vary greatly from facility to facility)
  • Estimates on vehicles with 4-wheel drive (4WD)

- What is and is not included in the repair estimate?
  • The estimate shown on a given part page will only include the costs shown on that page, which is the labor and major part cost.
  • The estimate will not include any other smaller parts or fluids needed in a given repair.
  • The estimate will not include any price mark ups by the repair facility (for example mark ups to the major part cost).
  • The estimate will not include taxes or other fees.
Don’t be afraid to ask your repair facility for a breakdown of these additional costs!

- How is this site better than others of its kind?
The following are just a few of the advantages that Car In Order (CiO) has over similar websites:
  • CiO typically offers information on 250-350 repairs for a given car model vs. about only 100 on similar websites.
  • CiO typically offers a link directly to the major part being used in a given repair. This allows the consumer to browse for alternatives or use this information in negotiating the repair price down.
  • CiO allows the user to vary the Labor rate or Part cost in the repair estimate, allowing for easy price shopping comparisons. For example, the specific Labor rate used by your repair facility can be entered, to provide a more accurate Labor cost estimate.
  • The search interface is designed to be easier and simpler to use than similar websites. We want users to find the information they are looking for, as fast as possible.

- Why does the site have a “BETA” tag?
This means that the Car In Order website has launched in Beta mode. Beta mode is just a concise way of saying that the site is new and we are still debugging and adding content. So please be patient with us and let us know if you encounter any problems or have any suggestions. Click here for contact information.

- What are some effective ways to use the information found on Car In Order?
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. Any repair facility should be willing to provide you with a breakdown of the repair cost they are quoting you. Ask for as much detail as you need.

  • Always discuss and agree upon a total repair cost BEFORE the repair is started. Make sure the repair facility understands you will need to approve any additional costs beyond what is agreed upon.

  • Show them you are informed. If they provide you with a quote, take some time to research and compare what they have told you. For example, if their part cost is high compared to what you find on Car In Order, tell them that you see the same part on RockAuto.com for significantly less.

    Ask whether they will be using an "OEM" (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or aftermarket part. If you are cost constrained, ask them whether using an aftermarket part can help reduce the part cost.

    Dialogue like this may help the repair facility to realize you are a motivated, informed consumer and help you avoid pricing pitfalls and tricks.